Masterplan Nieuw Zuid Antwerp

July 5, 2016


Client:  City of Antwerp
Period:  2011-2012
Size:  400.000 m²
Team:  Studio Secchi Vigano, 3E


Construction has started on Antwerp’s brand new 400.000 m² city quarter Nieuw Zuid. It will be located south of the current Zuid (South) district, right next to the Antwerp Court of Justice. Nieuw Zuid will boast 2,000 residences, next to subsidised houses, service flats, a school, day care centres, shops and office spaces. The entire neighbourhood will be eco-friendly.

3E assisted the client in the development of the masterplan, focussing on the sustainability and energy topics. A technical-financial analysis and comparison was made between low energy, very low energy and passive buildings where. Based on this analysis, the maximum heating demand was set at 15kWh/m² and the maximum cooling demand for offices at 15kWh/m², in line with the passive housing standard (PHP).

The feasibility of a heat network with different production systems was analysed to check which scenario would result in the lowest CO2-emissions.

In April 2015, the first pipe of this new heat network was installed by Flemish Energy Minister Annemie Turtelboom. The heat network will be constructed and operated by warmte@zuid, a consortium of Infrax, water-link, Veolia and Indaver.