“Natuurbuurt” concept – energy design

October 19, 2016


Client:  Bostoen
Period:  2015 – 2016


Bostoen, project developer of passive dwellings, asked 3E to analyse which (collective) energy concept is cost-optimal for its new residential “Natuurbuurt” neighbourhood concept. Based on a detailed cost benefit analysis, 3E compared the feasibility of several collective energy systems with the currently used individual energy system approach.

The analysis was initially done for the “Bierhalle” district in Ostend with 11 dwellings. For both the reference case and the different scenarios with collective heat generation, a detailed cash flow calculation was done taking into account:

  • the investment costs ((gas)connection, installation costs, district heating network, etc.)
  • the life span of each of the investment items (and therefore any (re)investments or residual values, if applicable)
  • the maintenance costs
  • the opportunity costs (based on the net floor space occupied by the different installations in each scenario)
  • the main forms of support (grants, certificates, etc. )

Apart from the currently used individual energy systems (individual gas boiler and individual heat pump), the following collective energy systems were analysed:

  • collective gas boiler
  • collective geothermal with individual heat pumps
  • collective biomass boiler
  • collective ground-water heat pump (with/without PV)
  • collective air-water heat pump (with/without PV)
  • collective mini-cogeneration

A detailed financial model was used, allowing sensitivity analyses on the various input parameters and thus delivering the necessary insight to help the client in defining the ideal energy concept for each case.