Nieuw Gent – Energy scenario study of high-rise towers – Ghent

March 20, 2017


Client:  WoninGent cvba
Period:  2016
Team:  3E, Buro II & ArchI+I


In response to the “Revitalisation of New Ghent” project, whereby a preliminary urban development study will be drawn up for the area surrounding the existing high-rise towers, the City of Ghent wants to support its decision to proceed with renovations, replacement construction and/or new buildings, with the help of a thorough energy scenario study.

3E and BURO II & Archl+I were assigned the task to prepare a comparative energy study to find an optimisation between various criteria by making calculations and financial comparisons of the various combinations of building envelope measures, ventilation systems and energy technologies.

The task consists of 2 sections:

  • Section 1: identifying and signalling basic principles regarding energy optimisation for the design team tasked with the ‘New Ghent Revitalisation Study’, in order for the latter to thoroughly incorporate the aspect of energy.
  • Section 2: developing 36 specific and relevant scenarios in relation to the ongoing development of subsection 1 of the ‘New Ghent Revitalisation Study’. The different scenarios will therefore include all possible, relevant visions for the new buildings, renovation or a combination of both.