Overview of EPD-requirements & further execution of LCA’s based on requirements

January 25, 2019


Period: 2017 – 2018


3E supported a building component manufacturer in three steps with regard to the renewal of the Environmental Product Declarations of 3 of its products. First, we provided an overview of several european EPD requirements. Then we performed 3 Life-Cycle Analysis from Cradle to Grave. Eventually 3E reported the results of those LCA’s according to the EPD-reporting format.

The pre-study gave an overview of the regulatory framework regarding EPD’s in 6 member states: Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the UK. Our analysis provided the requirements currently in force: Cradle to Gate or Grave, independent reviewer, country specific EPD Vs exchangeable through Ecoplatform, module D required or not, CEN Vs CEN+ indicators and so on. The results of our analysis set the framework for further LCA’s performed by 3E for its client.

Each LCA includes a site visit to get a sense of the production process and the mass balance. During the Life-Cycle Inventory of data (LCI-data), we paid even more attention to the “Gate to Grave” phases as very little information was available for those phases. Our next step was about modeling results , using the LCA-software Simapro, the CEN+ indicators, the German Product Category Rules, etc.

Eventually, 3E provided EPD reports and background reports based on such LCA studies. Those reports were transferred to the IBU reviewer for validation. Results of the background reports were heavily discussed with our client to get a deep understanding of the environmental impact of the several phases of the production process.