Quatuor building – Brussels

October 19, 2016


Client:  Befimmo via ABV Environment
Period:  January – June 2016
Size:  65.000 m²
Team:  Jaspers & Eyers, VK Engineering, Bopro, ABV-Environnement, 3E


The real-estate operator Befimmo is planning to construct the “Quatuor Building”, a new office building of 60.000 m² situated near the Rogier square in Brussels, in order to replace the actual “Noord Building”. Sustainability objectives are ambitious: reaching a minimum BREEAM “Excellent” rating in design phase and developing a Nearly Zero Energy Building design.

3E was contracted by ABV Environment to perform a microclimate analysis and due diligence work on the energy concept design (within the framework of the environmental permit application). Among other things, 3E analysed the location of solar screens, the technical details of HVAC systems (geothermal heat pump, CHP,…) and proposed different improvement measures.

3E also analysed in detail the solar impact of this urban project on its surroundings, which allowed to optimize the different heights of the building.

Finally, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) calculations were used to analyse pedestrian wind comfort and mitigation measures were proposed to improve the wind comfort (location of the entrance to the building, landscape design and adapted design of the shape of the building envelope).
Thanks to the close collaboration between all parties, the team was able to report fast and effectively towards the permitting authority and present a project with improved sustainability with regard to the original design.