Renson – Product R&D support

October 6, 2016


Client:  Renson
Period:  2015 – Present


3E assessed the performance of a residential demand controlled extract ventilation system with an air-to-water heat pump (so called E+ system) by the use of dynamic simulations. A real life test case was set up by Renson to validate results. The ventilation system automatically controls extracted air volumes in functional and in habitable rooms, ensuring indoor air quality. The total extracted air volume is mixed with outdoor air and used as heat source for the air-to-water heat pump (2.5 kW at standard reference conditions). Domestic hot water and space heating can be supplied in alternate mode. A gas boiler back-up ensures comfort temperature at any time. The ventilation heat losses and fan consumption are reduced by the demand control. The heat recovery on the extracted air by means of the heat pump results in a further reduction of the energy consumption.

3E performed dynamic simulations in Virtual Environment (VE) on an apartment geometry for a two- and four-person family. Results for ventilation performance, heat pump performance, back-up and heating demand were analysed. An additional comparison was made with common mechanical extract ventilation (system C) and a double flow heat recovery system (system D). The results of these simulations were published in a scientific paper written by Anneleen Vens (Renson), Ivan Pollet (UGent) and Filip Grillet (3E) and presented on the AIVC Conference in Milan in 2015.

Following this study, a joint research proposal was submitted and accepted by IWT. Within this joint research project, in depth simulations are to be performed in Modellica (Dymola) focussing on single family houses.