Supporting project developers in the area of cost efficiency and integration of sustainability according to BREEAM – Diegem office

January 25, 2019


Client: MG Real Estate
Period: 2010 – 2011


The project developer, MG Real Estate, owns a site of 14,350m² in Diegem providing 23,600m² of office space. 3E was engaged in the project to carry out a full analysis of the level of sustainability of the project, the feasibility of achieving the minimum BREEAM certification, as well as determining the technical and economic feasibility of potentially achieving higher BREEAM certification levels.

For the energy section, 3E calculated the cost-effectiveness of various measures on the basis of dynamic simulations. These simulations featured optimisations of the building envelope (solar heat gain, airtightness, quality of insulation, daylight, percentage of glazing, etc.) as well as measures at the level of technical systems (ventilation system, renewable energy technologies, etc.).

Simultaneously, the project was evaluated in the EPB-software to evaluate the impact of the measures in terms of E-level, as this is used in the real estate market to describe the energy performance of offices.

Additionally, 3E advised the entire team (project developer, architect, etc.) on environment-related sustainability based on BREEAM instruments developed in-house. Considering the importance of investment and profitability, the additional costs for each selected BREEAM scenario were calculated.