Unique opportunity to boost your R&D in collaboration with other building technology manufacturers

December 14, 2016


Client:  VLAIO
Period:  2016 – 2018
Team:  WTCB-CSTC, 3E, Wood.be


The cluster aims at identifying manufacturers, architects, engineering offices, contractors, financial institutions, federations, etc. within the building sector in Flanders, and match their complementarity in terms of industrialisation and automatization of the construction process. The main objective of the cluster is to develop new and enhanced building systems, ready for market implementation, by sharing (product) knowledge and insights between its members. Main steps include:

  • Market approach: promotion of prefabricated solutions, provision of technical documentation, spreading data and fact sheets about prefabrication…
  • Strategic and economic analyses of the market potential of prefabricated solutions, evaluation of alternative business models to launch existing or new services or products
  • Partner matching between members to stimulate partnerships, active collaboration and cooperation, guidance on demonstration projects or R&D projects led by partners…

3E will mainly focus on the strategic and economic feasibility of implementation. Based on market analyses, 3E will assist companies in evaluating new markets, setting-up alternative business models to win market shares, selection of R&D projects and strategic partnerships, etc.

The project will start beginning 2017 and run for 3 years. The cluster will act as an enabler to increase market share of its members as well as the overall sustainability of constructions.

The cluster activities will be co-financed by VLAIO up to 50%; the remaining cost being supported by the members. Currently the cluster consists of nearly 50 companies, with different profile, size, and activities. However this number is rapidly increasing following the official announcement of the creation of this cluster. Interested companies can apply through the contact sheet below.