Capabilities and costs for ancillary services provision by PV systems



New Analysis from the REservices project

The secure and cost-efficient provision of ancillary services is a major challenge for power systems with growing shares of PV and wind generation. System operators need these services from their power fleets to support system frequency and voltage and to assist during and after faults.

Enhanced participation of wind and solar PV in delivering ancillary services is therefore key and will reduce the need for curtailment of variable RES. Better and more ancillary services from wind and PV will also increase the amount of renewable generation capacity that can be connected in existing networks.

Together with IWES and EPIA, within the IEE funded REserviceS Project, 3E investigated the cost and capabilities of ancillary services from large and small-scale solar PV specifically, to support the safe and secure operation of the distribution and transmission grid.


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