Case study and data download: continuous monitoring of passive building performance


Building profile and occupancy

3E designed the energy concept of the Flemish Environment Agency’s (VMM) new office and crisis center for its water management department.The VMM building is now equipped with a full monitoring system, managed by 3E.

Designed be used by about 5 people during normal office hours, it can house up to 40 extra people on a continuous basis during crises or exceptional circumstances. The building is currently being used regularly by 15 people.


Key facts

  • New construction
  • Use: Office and crisis center
  • Surface area: 600m²
  • Construction budget:
    € 1 268 000
  • Construction start: January 2007
  • Commissioning: March 2009

Energy Performance


  • Heat consumption (planned): 14 kWh/m².year
  • Envelope insulation: Uavg = 0.20 W/m²K (28 cm of mineral wool on façade)
  • Triple glazing:  Uw =0.60 W/m²K  –  solar factor g = 32%
  • Airproofness (in situ test results): 0.5 vol/h (not counting garage)


  • D ventilation system with heat recovery η=85%
  • Cooling of server room through thermal transfer from ground water
  • Heat recovery from server room via heat pump
    PV system (4.2 kWp)


General Information (NL)



Terms of use

The results downloadable here are free to use for research, publications and other non-commercial activities, provided the following acknowledgment is made:

Building owner: VMM
Architects: evr-architecten
Engineering & analysis: 3E