Developing Namibia’s National Renewable Energy Policy

  Client:  Namibia’s Electricity Control Board (ECB) Period:  2016 Work 3E in cooperation with Pegasys Strategy and Development has been appointed by Namibia’s Electricity Control Board (ECB) to develop the country’s national Renewable Energy Policy in a six-month effort to formulate a policy that supports renewable energy growth in Namibia and enables the country to[…]

Policy study on the optimisation of the green and cogen certificates system in Flanders

  Client:  Flemish Energy Agency Period:  2013 Work Objective of the project for the Flemish Goverment was to develop recommendations for the optimisation of the renewables support system in Flanders. For this purpose 3E analysed in detail the different support systems (certificate, quota and FIT systems) in the different European member states, compared these with[…]

BestRES: Best practices for renewable energy aggregators

  Client:  The European Commission Period:  2016-2018 Work In the BestRES project funded by the European commission, 3E and its partners, including 6 RES aggregators in 9 European target countries, are investigating the current barriers and opportunities for RES aggregators in Europe. In the first stage, we are focusing on existing European aggregation business models[…]

Re-Delays: Analyzing the cost of regulatory delays to renewable energy project development

  Client:  International Energy Agency Period:  2016 Work The premise behind RE-DELAYS is that the development of renewable energy must be governed by a stable, transparent and efficient regulatory framework to compete effectively with conventional generation. Delays in the regulatory process, whether they are related to policy or project development, can lead to increase costs[…]

Crucial energy choices in Belgium: An investigation of the options, our energy future

  Client:  Greenpeace Period:  2014 Work Belgium is at a critical turning point in its energy history. Our country is indeed facing several challenges that are creating issues of security of supply, sustainability, costs and risks. With the nuclear safety issue and the phase-out plan, and with the anticipated decreasing generation adequacy margin, it is[…]

Offshore Grid: Optimising the Offshore Electricity Grid in Northern Europe

  Client:   Period:  2009-2011 Work 3E was the coordinator of the European project OffshoreGrid that started in May 2009 and was finalised in November 2011 ( OffshoreGrid was a techno-economic study that was realized in the framework of the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme (IEE). It was the first large-scale study to perform a detailed[…]

MetaPV: Real world demonstration of smart grids with intelligent PV systems

  Client:  The European Commission Period:  2009-2015 Work 3E led coordination of MetaPV, a European Commission funded research and demonstration project with five other partners from four European countries. The results from the MetaPV project provide the scientific basis for transforming photovoltaics from a variable source of power to active support for a more intelligent[…]