Independent Engineering – Mauritius Island

  Client:  Quadran Grid Operator:  Central Electricity Board (CEB) Location:  Eole Plaine des Roches wind farm, Mauritius Island Project size:  9.35MW (11 Gamesa G58) Period:  2014-2016 Work – Electrical Design Verification – Construction monitoring (monthly reporting) – Grid Compliance verification before Commercial Operation Date – Facility Power Curve assessment

Independent Engineering – South Africa

  Client:  Biotherm Location:  Dassiesklip Project size:  27MW (9 Sinovel SL 3000 3MW) Period:  2013-2015 Work – Design review – Construction monitoring (monthly reporting) – Grid Compliance verification before Commercial Operation Date – Facility Power Curve assessment (1 year after COD)

Constraint Mapping – France

  Client:  ERG Location:  Various projects in France Project size:  300MW portfolio Period:  2016 Work – Technical constraint analysis in GIS – Environmental constraint analysis in GIS – Administrative constraint analysis in GIS – Indicative layout preparation and preliminary energy yield assessment – Overall project feasibility assessment

EPC contract negotiation – Turkey

  Client:  Calik Enerji Location:  Demircili and Sarpıncık cind farm Project size:  Demircili (40MW), Sarpıncık (32MW), Nordex N90 wind turbines Period:  2014 Work – Definitions – Scope of work – Obligations of the parties – planning – Warranties – Liquidated damages and caps – Force Majeure and Terminations

Feasibility study to assess the potential of hybrid systems in Mozambique

  Country:  Mozambique Period:  2014 – 2017 Work 3E conducts a feasibility study to assess the potential of 5 hybrid systems in Mozambique. In addition to technical optimization also the potential of different business models is considered. This mission is realized in close collaboration with FUNAE. This project is a follow up to the ongoing[…]

FILASA – Ukraine Wind power development

  Country:  Ukraine Period:  2009 – 2011 Work Assistance in the development of a large wind project 400 MW on the Krim, installing 8 masts of 80m high and performs the full data analysis and project design. 3E perfomed the following services: • Specifications for the measurements • Commissioning of the measurement masts. • Wind[…]


  Country:  Europe Period:  2012 – 2013 Work Development of a software tool for optimal wind farm design based on a large and heterogeneous set of digitalised data containing information from different fields (wind climate, geography, environment, archaeology and land ownership), that will be treated, validated, standardised and converted to this end. Sopcawind optimizes the[…]

Storm Windpower- Project Guidance in Flanders

  Country:  Belgium Period:  2011 – 2015 Work 3E was in charge of project development activities for Storm’s projects in Flanders. 3E wrote the permit application documents (building permit application and environmental permit applications) and reviewed the environmental impact studies, including shadow impact analysis, noise studies and photomontages. Once the project permits were received, 3E[…]

FIT – Feasibility of Renewables in Tanzania

  Country:  Tanzania Period:  2012 – 2018 Work 3E/Energio Verda Africa/TANESCO carried out a feasibility study on the renewable energy potentials in Tanzania. The objective of the study was to identify and quantify the potential of the different renewable energy sources available, worked out a feasibility for a number of preselected sites, assessed its impact[…]