Commissioning of Wallonia’s biggest PV park



Spaque, a company specialised in the rehabilitation of old industrial terrains and landfill sites, has recently connected the biggest solar PV installation in Wallonia to the grid. The project has a size of almost 1MWp, consists of 3844 ground-mounted solar panels of the brand Heckert Solar and is able to feed at least 300 families with electricity. On an international scale, a ground-mounted 1MWp PV plant wouldn’t raise an eyebrow of course, however this is different in the Belgian context.

As space in Belgium is rather a scarce resource, PV installations most often come as rooftop installations. Consequently, ground mounted structures of this size are rather rare. The rehabilitation of landfill sites has been ongoing for several years. Whereas in the past the focus has mainly been on biogas production, this project provides the perfect example of how PV could serve as a continuation of the green exploitation of those sites.

As Owner’s Engineer, 3E has been involved throughout the whole development phase of the project starting from the redaction of the technical specifications onto the construction follow-up and provisional acceptance tests.

Jöran Beekkerk van Ruth from Spaque confirmed: “We have been happy with the way 3E has guided us throughout the project development. In that sense, 3E will further support us through the operational phase as technical advisor during the final performance check”.