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The PV Health Scan

A diagnostic health and performance check of PV plant operation

The PV Health Scan is a software-driven service for PV plant owners, operators and asset managers. It ensures the early detection of faults and performance degradation and gives you actionable recommendations on the root causes. This allows you to improve your performance return by more than 10%. We are able to do this by mining your PV monitoring data on our SynaptiQ platform.


An analysis of 197 PV plants revealed that 25% of all PV plants perform 8% (or more) below expectations. Where is your plant or the one you want to purchase? With 3E’s PV Health Scan, move your plant to the top tier and keep it there!


Our Services

1. Historical PV Health Scan

3E offers a one-time diagnostic health and performance check over the PV plant operation history. The Historical PV Health Scan presents an extensive analysis of your PV plant with actionable recommendations, based on individual conclusions, checked by 3E’s PV experts. The check is automated and follows documented methodology, ensuring consistency and replicability.


a. Availability, performance and losses over time
b. Performance degradation over time
c. Faulty and underperforming strings and arrays
d. Non-linear current / bypass diode short circuit

2. SynaptiQ’s PV Health Guard

After a decent revision of your PV plant operation, you may want to keep your plant in the top tier, performing optimally. SynaptiQ’s Operational PV Health Guard offers periodic diagnosis and health reporting. Building on the Historical Health Scan, it keeps your plant’s performance in optimal shape:

1. Receive your individual offer for a monthly or quarterly update report:
- Standard KPIs
- Events: string failures, inverter limitation, …
- Trends: soiling, module degradation, …
- Particularities: MPP tracking, …

2. Setup your plant and monitoring topology with a historical health scan;

3. Mine your data, move your plant to the top tier and keep it there.


a. Change detection
b. MPP tracking and power limitation
c. Monthly Checklist with Threshold and Change Detection
d. Automated reporting

3. Full Diagnosis

3E also offers an extensive review of your PV plant, based on a periodic PV plant health reporting with PV expert diagnosis. Building on SynaptiQ’s PV Health Guard, it goes even further by organising a full quarterly diagnosis.


In this example, you can identify a power limitation of ~35%, imposed through the inverter controller. It was introduced either by the grid operator or the O&M contractor. The full diagnosis identified the root cause. Our experts recommended to reset the inverter power limit and evaluate the inverter log to confirm the origin.

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