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Diagnostic check for solar radiation sensors


50% of all sensors tend to underestimate the yearly irradiation by 7% and more.


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3E offers a one-time diagnostic health and performance check over the PV plant operation history. The Historical PV Health Scan presents an extensive analysis of your PV plant with actionable recommendations, based on individual conclusions, checked by 3E’s PV experts. The check is automated and follows documented methodology, ensuring consistency and replicability.


Expert recommendations

Conclusion: While the PV array tilt is given as 10°, the sensor is tilted 30°. As a consequence, it measured 6.3% too little irradiation.
Recommendation: On-site intervention to align the sensor tilt with the PV array.


The Solar Sensor Check is a diagnostic check for solar radiation sensors. It compares data from the sensor under test with satellite-based irradiance for the same site. We run different checks, as listed below, in order to diagnose common faults and inconsistencies.

Plausibility check:
- Plausibility of minimum and maximum values
- Missing data
- Overall bias

Configuration check:
- Clock setting
- Given azimuth and tilt

Calibration check:
- Offset
- Slope
- Linearity

-Horizon check

3E offers a standardized, automated and reproducible report. Each report is individually reviewed by 3E’s PV experts and contains a brief conclusion and practical recommendations. Each Solar Sensor Check report is accompagnied by a methodology description. The scope of the services contained does not include direct comparisons of different sensors against each other or with nearby meteo stations. It also does not include any visual inspections of sensors or site visits. Any further consultancy support services beyond the delivery of the Solar Sensor Check report are offered at 3E’s standard hourly rate for a PV Senior Expert and can be quoted on request.

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