Developing an energy concept for the Sugar Park



3E is honored to contribute in a brand new sustainable development project called “Suikerpark” (Sugar Park), named after the sugar refinery site it will be built on. The sugar refinery site of Veurne (Belgium) maintained its mere industrial function until 2005. A consortium led by ION will now start transforming the site into a sustainable, green development that will entail 450 dwellings and 4000 m² of retail area, on a total surface of 15ha of green surroundings.

The Suikerpark development has raised the bar in terms of ‘sustainable living’. This is reflected not only in a very ambitious energy concept but also in urban development, water use, re-use of materials, smart design, innovative technology, etc.

The energy concept is based on a combination of PV and ground heat for the production, and a passive building energy efficiency level. Green roofs not only protect against heat loss but also allow for buffering and delayed discharge of water. Disposed water is stored to be reused. Surplus water is kept infiltrated between house and embankment, and helps to bring up the level of the groundwater.

During contest phase, 3E was responsible for the energy concept and was closely involved in the overall sustainability ambition. 3E performed acost-benefit analysis on heating and domestic hot water production, district heating feasibility and solar studies to optimise daylight penetration. 3E will continue its involvement in the project by following the design stage closely and act as a sustainability project manager, formalised by means of the Flemish Sustainable Communities tool (“Duurzaamheidsmeter Wijken”, in Dutch) with an exceptional score of 85%. Furthermore, 3E will advise in the setup of the ESCO that will finance and manage innovative water- and energy systems. This business model will allow housing prices to stay reasonable and residents can benefit the renewable energy investments.