Analysis of a demand controlled ventilation system with a heat pump boiler



In this study the performance of a residential demand controlled extract ventilation system with an air-to-water heat pump (so called E+ system) was analysed via dynamic simulations. A real life test case was setup by Renson to validate results. The ventilation system controls automatically the extracted air in functional as well as habitable rooms, ensuring indoor air quality. The total extract rate is mixed with outdoor air as heat source of the air-to-water heat pump (2.5 kW at standard reference conditions). Domestic hot water as well as space heating can be alternatively supplied. A gas boiler as back-up guarantees comfort temperature at all time. The ventilation heat losses and fan consumption are reduced by the demand control. The heat recuperation on the extract air by means of the heat pump provides a further reduction of the energy consumption.


Performed simulations

3E performed dynamic simulations in Virtual Environment (VE) on an apartment geometry for a 2 and 4 persons family. Results of ventilation performance, heat pump performance, back-up and heating demand were analysed. Besides a comparison was made with common mechanical extract ventilation (system C) and double flux heat recovery systems (system D).

3E has become a viable partner for the R&D department of Renson. We will continue to work together on optimizing their new and existing technologies and help them to explore new technical horizons.

The scientific paper based on the 3E study was written by Anneleen Vens (Renson), Ivan Pollet (UGent) and Filip Grillet (3E). If you’re interested in this paper that was submitted for the AIVC Conference…

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