Energy efficiency policy measures for manufacturing SMEs in Europe: a comparative analysis


There is a significant amount of untapped potential for energy savings in SMEs in Europe. According to a 2012 Eurobarometer study, only “64% of all SMEs are taking action to save energy compared to 82% of large companies”.

Manufacturing SMEs have among the highest energy consumption rates among SMEs and could especially benefit from targeted incentive schemes.

We examined different policy measures in place to support SMEs across Europe, comparing their set-up and effectiveness. The complexity and high diversity of the SME sector has led to a fragmented policy landscape, with different focuses and targets in each country.

In this presentation developed for the European Copper Institute, we focused specifically on bottom-up measures available to enable energy savings on process energy in SMEs. Such measures include information provision and direct support for audits and investment.

We examined best practices for each measure to draw out key principles of effective policy development for SMEs.

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