SynaptiQ Wind connects 200 additional wind turbines: Enhanced performance monitoring with hands-on field experience



The expansion of wind asset portfolios on a global level, the size of turbines, the heterogeneity of brands and models within each asset is rapidly increasing the costs related to operations and maintenance and causing investors to focus on the minimization of downtimes. The use of an independent performance monitoring software plays a key role in the realisation of this objective. The objective of such a tool is to provide a user-friendly solution that can eventually work wirelessly, embrace more technologies, and give a quick and comprehensive overview of a global diverse portfolio.

With 3E’s state of the art experience in wind consulting, we have identified the major causes of performance losses that affect project’s profitability along with their statistical occurrence. This knowledge applied to the use of SynaptiQ Wind, 3E’s performance monitoring and reporting application allows the most efficient error categorization and therefore the operators’ best reactivity.

SynaptiQ Wind is built upon Bazefield software and integrates 3E’s 20 years of experience in technical advisory work in wind & solar. International Electrotechnical Commission standards (IEC) based reference power curves and smart alarming allow wind operators to independently benchmark the Service Level Agreement (SLA) presented by the O&M contractors and technology suppliers. By using SynaptiQ Wind, they realize their operational improvements as cost reductions thanks to the integration into their operator’s business processes.

During the past 6 months, over 200 wind turbines have been successfully linked to SynaptiQ Wind. We have connected additional wind farms in 5 different countries in the first half of 2017. SynaptiQ Wind continues to invest in new generation product features to serve the needs of its multi-technology asset operators. The interaction with 3E’s research and technical advisory teams proves its uniqueness to SynaptiQ Wind users every day.

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