Finding the optimal energy-saving measures for schools



In the Sint-Jozef Institute in Bokrijk (Belgium), 3E’s spin-off Wattson is currently investing more than € 800 000 in a broad portfolio of energy savings measures such as the insulation of the attic, efficient boiler rooms, LED lighting and solar panels. This will reduce the total energy consumption by over 35% and the annual CO2 emissions by more than 50%.

Through a subsidy from the Flemish Ministry of Education and Training, Wattson can go even one step further. An educational project will be developed with the school, and Wattson will start monitoring the installations more intensively to raise awareness of students and staff.

Wattson is an ESCO, short for Energy Service Company, that develops and manages energy conservation projects. Wattson’s service package can take different forms: from the design of new installations, to the actual investment in energy-related installations and to their financing. Once operational, Wattson is also responsible for the operational management of these installations. This means that the company is not only responsible for the maintenance of the assets but also closely monitors the performance of the installations so that we actually achieve the savings we have set ourselves. Therefore, it is important that Wattson also signs up for an energy performance guarantee.

Wattson was founded in 2016 and focuses on the energy renovation of nursing homes and schools. By the end of this year Wattson will be active in approximately 60 nursing homes and 2 schools.

Flemish news channel VTM dedicated a news item to the project: