FLiDAR adds another buoy to their fleet



In June 2015 FLiDAR has finished the construction and commissioning of the latest version of their offshore wind measurement platform using LiDAR technology. This buoy is added to the fleet of FLiDAR and will be used in the data supply agreements. The fleet approach results in higher delivery time flexibility towards future clients as buoys can be used for several projects in a row.

The design of the buoy is an iteration of the V1.0 2014 model. The LiDAR has been delivered by Leosphere and the buoy structure by Mobilis, both key partners of FLiDAR. The principles of measurement, lay-out and mooring remained the same. Incremental improvements have been made in the power and communication system. Extra solar panels have been installed and more redundancy in the communication system has been created. All of this contributes to the FLiDAR philosophy of being able to do the lion share of the maintenance activities onshore using modern communication technology.

The buoy will serve on one of the French offshore wind projects. It will start with a 6 month validation period next to an offshore met mast.

Reinhardt Stevens, General Manager at FLiDAR says: “The addition of this new buoy to our fleet resembles both the ongoing innovation at FLiDAR as we gain more and more experience with offshore wind measurements and the growing adaptation of floating LiDAR in the offshore wind business as we serve more clients.