Focused seminars for banks and lenders



3E’s annual seminars for banks and lenders are becoming events to look out for. This year, 3E organized two events in parallel: one in Paris focusing on the French and North African market and another one in Brussels inviting lenders located within the Benelux. Both events were a big success with lenders from 24 different entities.

During the Paris event, three distinct topics were introduced: the first topic on the Provisional and Final Acceptance Checks (PAC/FAC) of PV plants introduced a newly in-house developed tool (‘PV-APV’), that allows PAC/FAC checks to be automated, resulting in fast and flawless calculation results, aiming to become the benchmark procedure in the market. The tool relies on 3E’s solar PV monitoring tool ‘SynaptiQ’, in-house developed codes, 3E’s expertise, and cutting edge meteorological data.


The last 2 topics dealt with the recent changes in the French support mechanism with the updated remuneration scheme. Giving a detailed overview of the legal, financial and practical implications of the updated system as well as the results in terms of shift of the development per region. The new system results in the increasing importance of the selection of the wind turbine type which should perfectly fit the site conditions.


It was the second time since the opening of our office in Paris that we were able to host this event in France. Being close to lenders, this event is ideal to gather everybody in one room and present the most recent changes observed on the wind and solar market”, Régis Decoret, country manager for France, states.

During the bank seminar in Brussels, two new distinct topics were introduced. The first one being the performance analysis of wind farms with special attention for the Wind Index (WI) method. This index allows to see whether the wind potential in a certain year or month is comparable to the long-term reference. By knowing so, one can determine whether a wind park that is presenting results below expectations is really under-performing or whether the low results are a result of low wind conditions.

A second topic was presented in cooperation with 3E’s Grids, Markets and Storage team and focused on the concepts of PPAs and storage. Well aware of the increasing competitiveness of these technologies, more and more actors are looking in that direction, not only from a purely technical perspective but also from a market standpoint. One of the topics discussed was how adding storage within a PPA allows the developer to maximize the value of the energy produced by making undispatchable renewables dispatchable. Furthermore, looking into the future, decentralized storage units will allow to further balance the grids in times of increasing penetration by renewables.


Naïma Vande Walle, team manager for the wind and solar team, concludes: “3E’s increasing presence in the Netherlands has led to the decision to extend this event to the Benelux. By also including topics from other consultancy teams, we aim to provide the lenders each year with state-of-the-art topics that clearly display the market evolutions to look out for. Observing the numbers of Dutch lenders attending the seminar proves that lenders in different markets are facing the same questions and problems“.