Mastering distributed generation
and large-scale renewable energy integration

Technical consultancy
in Grids, Hybrids and Storage

Internal grid & grid connection studies
VPP or energy portfolio optimization
Technical guidance and software solutions for energy storage design and integration
Design and techno-economic feasibility of mini-grids
Consulting on off-grid, island projects

Strategy and policy consultancy in Markets

Policy impact modelling & analysis
Strategic consulting
Innovation and Technology roadmaps
Techno-economic consulting on integration of RE in power markets
Offshore grid advisory and research

Some key references worldwide

Europe | MetaPV - Real world demonstration of smart grids with intelligent PV systems
Europe | REserviceS - Reference base for future network codes and market designs
Europe | Offshore Grid - Optimising the offshore electricity grid in northern Europe
Belgium | "Crucial energy choices in Belgium - An investigation of the options"
Europe | Canada | USA | Australia | RE-DELAYS - Analyzing the cost of regulatory delays
Europe | BestRES - Best practices for renewable energy aggregators
Belgium | Policy study on the optimisation of the certificates system in Flanders
Mali | Grid impact study for a 33 MWp plant
Burundi | Grid impact study for a 7.5 MWp PV plant
Burkina Faso | Technical due diligence on grid for a PV plant
Senegal | Technical due diligence on grid study for renewable energy integration
Namibia | Creation of a national renewable energy development strategy
Mozambique | Design and techno-economic feasibility study for microgrids
Madagascar | Design and techno-economic feasibility study for microgrids
Botswana | Mapping of solar nd wind resources and technical constraints

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