Development of a Techno-Economic Toolset for Large Storage Projects – Hydro/Battery

August 18, 2016

Period:  2015


3E has developed a toolbox for modelling complete power systems containing significant amounts of storage and now brings it to the market to optimize your energy storage application. This tool is the main outcome of the NEWTON-project, and allows to evaluate technically and economically a broad variety of business cases. The tool is flexible compared to available commercial tools as it allows for the optimization of both storage sizing and control.

This allows answering questions towards the economic feasibility of storage in various use cases. For new storage developments, either batteries in small-to-medium isolated power systems or pumped storage in large synchronous power systems. For a large Belgian energy supplier, 3E investigated how battery energy storage can reduce the electricity bill for a large soccer stadium. This study investigated the optimal sizing of storage power and energy capacity and PV size. 3E used its techno-economic battery model to simulate an optimal storage control for maximising the economic return.