Guidelines for optimal PV performance


The Performance Plus consortium has published a “Best Practice Guide on Uncertainty in PV Modelling”.

The guidelines for uncertainty assessment in PV modelling and the monitoring guidelines presented in this document, will help developers, investors and plant operators to manage the financial risks and improve the operational performance of the plants during their lifetime.


These guidelines reflect the current state-of-the-art in monitoring and photovoltaic plant performance assessment as represented in various standards and research results.

The first part of the report reviews the different uncertainties linked to the measurements and modelling of the solar resource and PV components. Moreover, the uncertainties of the different meteorological and PV design models developed within the Performance Plus project are reviewed.

The second part of the document provides guidelines on the correct of the correct combination of the different uncertainties affecting both the PV modelling and the monitoring of PV systems. Typical values for practical application are provided.

The third part of this work provides guidelines for uncertainty assessment in PV modelling and monitoring of grid-connected PV systems.

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