Let’s talk about hybrid renewable solutions


Throughout the world, hybrid renewable systems are breaking through, from remote multi-megawatt mining sites wishing to cut their fossil fuel expense, down to telecom providers and measurement operators, seeking grid independence or increased reliability. 3E is helping these customers translating their needs into full hybrid solutions.

3E is sponsoring the solar-diesel conference in Johannesburg and presenting experiences in recent years.
Based on past projects, we will present some insights into different available technologies and full hybrid solution design, robust to changing fuel prices and other uncertainties. Moreover, we will elaborate on optimal dispatch strategies for storages when these are economically viable.


 3E offers a wide range of hybrid-related services going from prefeasibility to commissioning:

• Load and resource measurements and assessments
• Cost-optimal technology selection to complement loads
• Full technical hybrid system design
• Supplier qualification & tendering
• Support through construction, commissioning and operations
• Dispatch strategy design

As an independent consultant, 3E is well placed to compare different solutions in terms of renewable energy sources, hybrid solutions in function of the generation profile, local resources and constraints and reliability requirements. 3E has a +10y track record in advising clients on integrating renewables in island grids. With projects in Africa, Asia, America and Antarctica, 3E has assisted clients from the first load and resource assessments, through the complete hybrid design, up to the final commissioning.

Visit our stand at the Solar/Diesel conference and contact us if you wish to register at beneficial rates!