Looking for experience in bringing ideas to life?


3E has been successfully adding value to new technologies for several years now. This has clearly been illustrated with the launch of 2 startups:

FLIDAR: Reducing offshore wind measurements by a factor 10.
XANT: Wind power made easy: Cost effective mid-sized wind turbines.

Welcome to the 3E spin-off factory

These spin-offs are the result of 3E’s innovation strategy which has been developed to identify promising concepts of new products & services within our company. The ultimate goal is to transform these bright ideas into successful business cases of which some might finally end up as a new 3E spin-off, often with complementary partners.


Sharing expertise

3E is also looking to facilitate brainstorm sessions for other companies by appointing senior experts to discuss jointly the added value potential of promising ideas in the broader field of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

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