Making FP7 and H2020 projects’ results matter


The Horizon Results Platform

The European Commission (EC) recently launched a new platform that brings together the most promising results of FP7 and Horizon 2020 projects. Among the projects identified by the EC as having the potential results to help fight climate change, there is the BestRES project, in which 3E took part.

By promoting the projects’ results to targeted audiences such as policy makers, investors, research and technology organisations, industry or academia, the new platform aims to facilitate the design of Research & Innovation policies and to ensure that the projects’ results generate the desired value. In addition, the Horizon Results Platform offers the opportunity to Framework Programme participants to express specific needs, enabling the EC, which wants results to find their way forward, to improve its partnership.

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The BestRES project

In the framework of the BestRES project, 3E and its partners, including six RES aggregators in nine European countries, investigated the current barriers and opportunities for RES aggregators in Europe. In the first stage, the project focused on existing European aggregation business models taking into account technical, market, environmental and social benefits. In the second stage, improved business models were developed with a focus on market designs, competitiveness and Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) replicable in other EU countries. These improved business models were then implemented with real data and monitored in the target countries.

This project is coming from the assumption that aggregation can significantly accelerate the deployment of renewable energy sources, help to build a regulatory framework for a widespread application across Europe and decrease the reliance of renewables on subsidies. BestRES adds value to the EU sustainable energy policy activities because none of the ongoing or completed European projects so far has covered a comprehensive multi-criteria business model analysis for energy aggregators (i.e. taking into account RES, storage and DSM technologies integration into the electricity system). An important novelty of this project is also the virtual business model implementation using real customer data and the extension of results to other market regions and aggregation levels.

More info about the BestRES project’s results on the Horizon Results Platform.


The BestRES project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N° 691689.