How to manage disruption in the building sector?



<In our last newsletter, we spoke about the digitalisation of the building sector. Even if this (r)evolution is not yet felt throughout the sector, all players – especially manufacturing companies, who are at the start of the building chain – recognize this trend, which is about to turn current business models upside down. Keeping investments in new constructions or deep renovations affordable, letting building products comply with all current and upcoming legislative requirements, while creating inspiring urban environments, are the true challenges.

Noticing trends is one thing, acting accordingly is another. Building product portfolio innovation takes numerous years, while legislation, competition and the state-of-the-art keeps evolving. In addition, going beyond one’s traditional product lines increases risk and uncertainty.

3E is familiar with the disruptive character of such processes, and supports businesses in their transition. The main services provided are:

Firstly: Innovation support. Future-oriented solutions often require detailed dynamic simulations to understand all energy flows in a product, in its interaction with the building envelope and the occupant’s preferences in different building and urban archetypes. In this context, manufacturers know their product in full detail. But often they seek to understand better how innovations would function in different (simulated) environments at different stages of the development phase.

Secondly: Strategic guidance. Product innovation often demands equal innovation in target market, conditions, business models and sales strategy. 3E guides its customers based on in-depth technical knowledge regarding energy performance and sustainability, a thorough understanding of the building stock and the construction sector, and a strong track record in the implementation and fine-tuning of innovation processes.

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