Measuring wind efficiency


How to measure wind efficiency for tall wind turbines?


3E is guiding the wind measurement campaign of Storm, a Belgian Project Developer in Wind Energy in Meer. At this site three wind turbines, with a total height of 200m are permitted. The project surroundings consist of an industrial area to the east and agricultural fields to the west. The project has reached financial close in 2014.

Storm is aware of the importance of wind measurements and has requested 3E to perform additional wind measurements with a Lidar in combination with a 100 m met mast, installed on site since November 2013. The Lidar measurements will be used to assess the vertical wind speed profile (wind shear) until the foreseen turbines hub heights. To allow for this assessment an initial measurement period of 3 months in parallel with the 100m met mast is currently on-going.

Régis Decoret, Head of Wind at 3E, said “tall towers of more than 120m hub height are becoming the standard in Belgium, as we see in this project. As most wind measurements are however limited to a height of 100m, there is not much data, nor knowledge among the wind community on the behaviour of wind shear at these heights. Therefore, it is common practice to increase the uncertainty on the production calculations for projects with tall towers. The combination of the 100m mast with the Lidar measurements, that can go up to 200m, allows 3E to better calibrate the wind flow model based on additional information gathered on the vertical profile until hub height. Overall, these validation tests will result in the ability to reduce the uncertainties on the yield assessment.