A new indicator for energy efficiency


3E is leading a consortium focused on determining a new energy efficiency indicator for buildings.

3E, in collaboration with Ghent University, Think E and Tri.zone, has been contracted by the Flemish Energy Agency to:

– propose a new indicator (and corresponding requirement level till 2021) for the energy efficiency of the building envelope, replacing both the K-level requirement and the net energy demand for heating requirement (NEBrv). This indicator will be developed taking into account lessons learned in other regions and EU countries.

– study whether buildings with different geometries are treated equally with regard to the global energy performance indicator (E-level) of the building and propose an adaption of the reference values for this indicator (if applicable).

Both tasks will be executed with active collaboration of all stakeholders involved. 3E is project manager within the project consortium.

You can find more information in chapter 4.4 of the EPB Evaluation Note (only in NL – Page 119). Click Here >>