New opportunities in renewable energy in Africa


On the 25th of June, Paris hosted the General Assembly organized by Global Links and Green Cape Finance under the name “RENEWABLE ENERGIES IN AFRICA: AN OPPORTUNITY FOR EUROPEAN INDUSTRY”. This conference is dedicated to the new opportunities in renewable energy and infrastructures challenges for European players in Africa.


3E participated in the first round table which concentrated on the following questions and topics:

– How can project developer’s deal with contractual guarantees in emerging
markets legal frameworks?
– Securing Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contracts.
– Securing land and dealing with local partners.
– Securing the connection to the grid.
– Negotiating and drafting Power Purchase Agreements (PPA).
– What energy for isolated sites?
– Energy Storage: status and perspectives.

Jérôme Crotteux, 3E’s lead Solar Consultant, introduced the necessity to adapt each renewable energy project to each country’s or client’s challenges. According to him, the singularities of each African country do not allow for a simply imposition of the current European models of wind and solar energy projects. He mentioned, for instance, that even though batteries are frequently seen as a potential solution for energy storage in Africa, several products are not adapted to the climate conditions of the African countries that may vary from extreme humidity to arid areas. In addition, Mr. Crotteux reinforced the energy demand and challenges of each country should be taken more into account in the decision making process concerning the development of a renewable energy projects in Africa.

The second round table focused on the financing infrastructure of renewable projects in Africa, and particularly the risks involved at the different stages of the process.

With more than 15 years of experience in photovoltaic projects 3E is a lead company offering feasibility studies, owner’s engineering and technical due diligence services. 3E is currently working on utility scale grid connected projects but also on hybrid systems (PV diesel), mini-grids and rooftop systems. 3E can operate in English, French and Portuguese and has gathered solar references in South-Africa, Namibia, Madagascar, Senegal, Mali, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Kenya, Burundi and Tanzania.

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