New tools for preliminary wind farm energy production calculations


endorse We just completed the European project ENDORSE (ENergy DOwnstReam Services), a 3-year international project aimed at developing tools for the energy industry based on earth monitoring data. As part of the project, the 3E wind team set up a web app for preliminary wind farm energy production calculations in Belgium (both onshore and offshore).Based on wind turbine coordinates and turbine type information, the tool calculates within a minute:

  • Annual energy production estimates (P50s) and wake losses per wind turbine
  • Wind characteristics at each wind turbine’s location and hub height

For such an automated service, the speed and accuracy of the app’s results are unmatched.

The application delivers preliminary calculations only and does not handle project-specific restrictions or losses (noise, flicker, bats, icing), nor does it handle complex or urban sites.

Find out more about application and methodology:

  Download the white paper

The tools is currently in evaluation phase and available for use on request. Please get in touch below for further information.

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