NZEB Symposium 2014



What’s the NZEB symposium about?

The NZEB symposium ‘Passive and Beyond’ focuses on policy evolutions moving to more strict energy standards, buildings with an increasing level of energy efficiency, the growing need for renovation and the urgency to work together even more than before within the building sector. During this symposium, experts share their knowledge and insights with regard to passive schools, inspiring renovations, big construction projects, etc. This symposium is a leading event in the world of nearly-zero-energy buildings and is organised by the Flemish Passiefhuis-Platform to which 3E participates as an expert.

What are we presenting?

In collaboration with the HVAC-office Istema, 3E will give a presentation about the monitoring results of the first passive school of the Flemish government in the Brussels region. This school is the first to be built as a pilot project of the Flemish government with regard to more energy efficient school buildings. The monitoring results will share insights into the design, the construction and the use of the building. This feedback can allow architects, building owners, contractors and also policy makers to fully understand the strengths and weaknesses of these kinds of project, as well as the threats and opportunities of passive projects in general.

More information on this symposium can be found here: