OffshoreGrid project results



A blueprint for European offshore grid policy

OffshoreGrid is the first large-scale technical cost-benefit analysis of offshore electricity  infrastructure developments in the Northern European Seas. Aimed at policy-makers, TSOs and  the relevant regulatory authorities in Europe, the project put forward different design concepts for  North Sea grid developments and assessed their technical potential in light of legal and financial  constraints.

In short, OffshoreGrid used a European power system model and a tailor-made  infrastructure cost model to assess the costs and benefits of different modular design concepts  (hubs, tee-in and hub-to-hub interconnectors) for integrated offshore grids.

Funded by the European Commission within the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme (IEE), the project was coordinated by 3E, who also led the technical and strategic analysis. Offshoregrid ran from 2009 through November 2011.


Executive summary (1.5 Mb)

Full final report (7.3 Mb)

Split grid design map

Direct grid design map

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