Parkwind chooses SynaptiQ to monitor its offshore assets


Our SynaptiQ Wind monitoring platform and advanced SCADA data analysis toolkit will deliver independent reporting and help improve performance for the Belwind offshore wind farm. SynaptiQ Wind is built on recognized monitoring platform which has proven its value in the oil & gas industry over the last 20 years. It is already connected to 4 GW of wind capacity.
Eric Antoons, COO of Parkwind, said of the system: “We chose SynaptiQ Wind for our operations and asset management because we trust the robustness of the data collection and real-time database. We were looking for a customizable, flexible tool that would help save time in reporting. SynaptiQ answers these needs. The accurate reporting module is especially useful to our operations. It will also support our ambition to improve the operational performance of the assets by an advanced and integrated monitoring .
Parkwind develops and manages offshore wind assets amongst which Belwind, located on the Bligh Bank, about 46 kilometres off the Belgian coast, which has been operational since 2010. Its 55 turbines have an installed capacity of 165 MW. The wind farm will be extended with another 55 turbines that will double its capacity to 330 MW by 2016. The construction of Northwind started on the Lodewijk bank, 37 kilometres off the Belgian coast. Construction works will finish by mid-2014. The wind farm consists of 72 turbines with a total capacity of 216 MW.

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