Performance monitoring and reporting for hybrid and off grid systems


NVI Energy:

Together with local and international partners NVI, Energy creates renewable energy packages that cover design, installation, finance, insurance, operations and maintenance. NVI Energy is focused on the African market and are based in Mauritius.


The challenge:

NVI Energy was looking for a unified asset management platform that was capable of dealing with grid tied solar plants, off grid battery systems, hybrid diesel grid tied solar plants and off grid solar plants. Furthermore, next to having performance monitoring, operations management and integrated asset management, NVI Energy needed special alarms based on indicators and thresholds for level and usage of battery storage.

The solution:

SynaptiQ integrated the special indicators (like battery storage levels, for example) and created customizable performance alarms based on these indicators. For example, an alarm/warning on the battery storage level was created. These features are incredibly innovative for independent performance monitoring systems and the SynaptiQ team is very much looking forward to develop their partnership with NVI Energy.