Performance Plus Full Report


Enhancing the performance, reliability and lifetime of commercial photovoltaic systems

The Photovoltaic (PV) industry has made large technological progress with PV cells, modules and inverters in terms of costs and reliability. However, from an integrated perspective, PV system performance emerges from, but is not limited to, the performance of the components. Therefore, in order to ensure a continued decrease of the costs linked to electricity from PV, the performance, functionality, reliability and lifetime on the system level need to be improved. The predicted PV performance as calculated by different PV performance modelling software packages available on the market can differ significantly between each other and from the actual performance from real systems. One of the main goals of Performance Plus was to better understand these discrepancies between predicted and actual performance of PV systems and to provide new models, methods and tools to overcome these limitations.


The Performance Plus project focused on developing and demonstrating models and tools to monitor, control and test PV plants. These models, methods and tools would then be used to optimize and enhance the performance, reliability and lifetime of commercial PV systems. Means for a better integration of PV-generated electricity into the power system were provided by methods for short-term forecasting, PV system monitoring, testing and integrated energy management and storage control.

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