Predicting solar and wind energy generation in Flanders



At the request of the Flemish Energy Agency VEA, 3E developed a new webtool to visualize the generation of renewable energy assets in Flanders. The application uses high resolution satellite-based resource data and forecasting data from 3E’s Data Services. The solar and wind resource data, combined with detailed information on installed capacity, is used to calculate the historical, real-time and forecasted energy production. For the first time, a region offers not only real-time renewable energy production data but also predictions down to municipal level, a European first.

Bart Tommelein, Flemish Minister of Budgets, Finance and Energy: “With this tool we transparently demonstrate what sun and wind mean to our energy system. It’s important to broaden public support for renewable energy sources. However, we do not only want to create awareness but also activate: the forecasts can stimulate electricity consumers to switch on their machines – when washing, drying or dishwashing, for example – or to recharge electric vehicles and home batteries at the most productive hours of the day, in the long term.

You can access the tool HERE.