Professionalizing Dutch solar rooftop operations



Successful deployment of SynaptiQ on Rooftop Energy’s portfolio of over 100 solar rooftops

Since more than 5 years, Rooftop Energy provides solar rooftop leasing services to rooftop owners in the Netherlands. Rooftop Energy has already successfully developed a portfolio of more than 100 solar rooftops for a total capacity larger than 10 MWp. Although Rooftop Energy had originally implemented a proprietary data collection system in 2016, they decided to professionalize their operations by contracting 3E for the implementation of SynaptiQ as their performance monitoring software.

During a period of 1,5 months, the full portfolio was migrated from the proprietary data collection system into SynaptiQ. The system configurations and communication flows were set-up in SynaptiQ and the historical data made available. The Rooftop Energy operations team has been trained in fault prioritisation, dispatching, in-depth performance analysis and reporting.

Leendert Florusse, CEO of Rooftop Energy, says: “The implementation of SynaptiQ gives our organisation a powerful toolset for further growth. We detect underperformance faster while our cost of operations and reporting decrease by process automation. This solution results in benefits for all our internal and external stakeholders.

Werner Coppye, CTO of 3E, adds: “Careful preparation and technical analysis allow for a streamlined migration of existing solar portfolio’s into SynaptiQ. We aim for long-term partnerships with SynaptiQ with state-of-the-art operations.