How prosumers serve the Clean Energy Transition and vice versa: FutureFlow’s closing event



After 4 years spent on designing eTrading solutions for electricity balancing and redispatching in Europe, the FutureFlow project concludes with a last event showcasing the achieved results and paving the way for smart collaboration and innovations in the electrical grid sector.

The FutureFlow project

Started in 2016, this four-year H2020 project aimed to explore new solutions for balancing the electricity system and managing flows in the European electricity network. As a member of the consortium, 3E studied and developed, together with 12 other partners, technical specifications and new business models enabling renewable sources and consumers to contribute to the electricity grid stability. Therefore FutureFlow partners designed and tested, into real environment, 2 types of IT platforms managing and aggregating active consumers. Real-time cross-border pilot tests showed that with such flexibility aggregation platforms, prosumers and distributed generators can provide balancing and redispatching services in addition to conventional units, within an attractive business environment. Following this, FutureFlow analysed the scalability and replicability potential at European level of the most promising tested use cases as designed for the participating countries.

FutureFlow’s final event

As this project is now coming to an end, FutureFlow is organising a last event on 15-16 October 2019 in Vienna.

The first day will be dedicated to the very subject of the project, i.e. how active consumers can play an important role in the energy markets of the future, the results of FutureFlow’s pilot tests and IT platforms enabling participation of DR&DG units in the energy market. In the framework of the case study entitled ‘Platforms on the rise – Technology behind the aggregation of DR&DG units and regional balancing and redispatching’, 3E will give a presentation on the role of RES forecasting in the balancing process.

The second day, called SAP Executive Value Network event, will focus on how SAP Intelligent enterprise can enable smarter asset management with a fully digital allocation of spare parts, work, and logistics services delivered by digital business networks.

Through an array of panel discussions, cases studies and networking opportunities, this two-day event aims to reinforce collaboration and to provide solutions to the complex challenges of the Energy in the digital economy. The sessions are intended to industries, decision makers, regulators, aggregators, electricity trading firms, DSO’s and TSO’s.


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under Grant Agreement No 691777.