Putting up wind turbines in geotechnical complex locations


XANT-M right next to Scheldt River dike


XANT offers state-of-the-art mid-sized wind turbine technology in the 50 to 500 kW range. XANT wind turbines are specially designed for small industries, farms, schools, villages, resorts or even remote locations without grid support.

The Belgian company DEME has requested a permit to install a XANT M wind turbine on the site of DEME’s headquarters, on the Scheldedijk in Zwijndrecht, Belgium. In combination with the existing solar panels, the turbine will ensure a clean energy supply to its new buildings with a floor area of 5,600 m² housing meeting rooms, a fitness centre and restaurant and space for around 250 new staff.

The XANT M-21 turbine is located right next to the Sigmadike, bordering the DEME premises. The dike was built as part of the Sigma Plan, a project of the Flemish government to reduce the risk of flooding around the Scheldt and its tributaries. Apart from flood prevention, the Sigma Plan also aims at restoring the natural environment on the river banks. The Scheldt and its tributaries are largely influenced by the tides of the North Sea. The Sigma plan foresaw raising of the dikes along the Scheldt, Durme, Nete, Zenne and Rupel in order to resist the high tide during storms. The Sigma plan is carried out by Waterwegen en Zeekanaal, in close cooperation with the Flemish Agency for Nature and Forestry, along other stakeholders.

Because the XANT M foundation was located so close to the dike, the effect of the stability of the dike both during and after the construction works was investigated in close collaboration with SBE, a geotechnical engineering expert company from Sint-Niklaas, Belgium. It was concluded that the foundation of the XANT wind turbine was not in any way jeopardizing the geotechnical stability of the dike, not during the construction and not once completed with the turbine installed.