PV performance monitoring in Switzerland


Switzerland has always been at the forefront in terms of development of solar energy. Already in the 1980’s and the 1990’s the first commercial building integrated photovoltaic have been built. Over the last few years, solar power has been even more rapidly growing due to declining system costs and the feed-in tariff put in place by the Swiss government. As the country has decided to shift away from nuclear power and the country’s electricity sector has paved the way to become completely liberalized, the electricity market is currently undergoing its largest change in history.


As the installed solar capacity grows, so does the need for PV performance monitoring tools. The Swiss association of independent energy producers (VESE) is a central actor in the Swiss PV landscape, working towards a decentralised and independant form of energy production and offering technical/legal/administrative support to all members.

In order to guide its members, the VESE has recently analysed the performance and pricing of professional solar monitoring systems. The results are published in VESE’s magazine of June 2015 by Heini Lüthi-Studer under the title “Losses can be avoided”. The article focuses on the need for a correct functioning PV monitoring software allowing for timely notification of system underperformance.

The functionalities of different PV monitoring portals are compared by evaluating their ability to assess potential PV system defaults. As a conclusion, VESE recommends SynaptiQ for its advanced analysis features on portfolio level and hardware agnosticism in relation to its price level.

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