Read the O&M best practices guidelines v2.0



3E is a proud contributor of Solar Power Europe’s O&M best practices guidelines – version 2.0.

Building on the successful first edition published in June 2016, the second version incorporates even more industry experience, delivering a comprehensive document and a forward-looking vision for the O&M market.

The new Guidelines bring forward extended industry experience and expert input with the involvement of more than 60 experts from more than 30 companies. Contributors to this report include not only O&M service providers, but also other related stakeholders such as asset owners, asset managers and monitoring solutions providers, covering a significant share of Europe’s O&M market. SolarPower Europe has also collaborated with other European task forces including the Solar Trade Association’s O&M working group who have made a specific contribution on Health & Safety.

The Version 2.0 features:

  • Extensively discussed, enhanced, and refined chapters
  • A dedicated chapter on technical asset management
  • New topics such as cybersecurity
  • Updated terminology in the chapter on Key Performance Indicators
  • The Contractual Framework chapter now aligned with the Global Solar Energy Standardisation Initiative

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