Reinforcing the Turkish market: An interview



The Turkish market is gaining speed. By 2023, renewables should provide 30% of its electricity, reducing the dependency from foreign supplies. The ambitious plans are shifting the energy landscape and two thirds of the new power installations of 2017 were based on renewables. The expectations are set on 10 GW of new wind capacity in the next 10 years (source: WindEurope).

In order to cope with these changes, 3E reinforced its Turkish team and found a rare gem: Meet Sena Serhadlioglu.

Hi Sena. Could you please give us some information on your background? Where does that profound interest for wind energy come from?

Completing a doctoral programme on Tidal Energy Resource Assessment of selected coastal sites around the UK at the University of Oxford has initiated the very interest of exploring more on the renewable energy . The fundamental physics associated with tidal stream energy studies are vastly driven by the same methodologies used in the wind energy sector, which in turn took its place as a topic of interest in my professional life.

How did you make the link with the Turkish wind sector?

After moving back to Turkey, I started looking for opportunities related to the wind energy sector, which would help me understand the development of onshore wind farms, and the associated assessments required to evaluate the feasibility of such investments. My interest led me into technical consultancy work, in which I had the privilege to work with project developers and investors, to understand their needs . It has become such a unique opportunity for me to be working on the engineering consultancy sector as I could observe how fast the onshore wind technology know-how has been established in Turkey.

If we turn to the actual context, what are your views on the Turkish market?

Although the first tender on onshore wind took place back in 2007, Turkey has reached an installed capacity of 6,9 GW already. The market responds vividly and evolves vastly with each tender that takes place. As a next step, the feasibility of building off-shore wind farms, and deployment of energy storage facilities along with solar energy operations are being discussed in the market. Both areas in which 3E has over 15 years of experience.

And truly so! How do you plan to apply this expertise?

In 2017, 3E established a joint venture with RKT Energy under the name “3E Türkiye”, which aims to provide technical consultancy services within the renewable energy market in Turkey. As a group of experts both based in our Istanbul office and the rest of our global offices, we are here to guide and help investors, lenders, project developers and other associated stakeholders on their queries with conventional onshore and PV solar investments as well as emerging renewable technologies such as offshore wind and energy storage systems. As 3E Türkiye, we will be providing consulting services such as energy yield assessments, owners/lenders engineering scopes, technical due-diligence works, inspections, etc. Our SynaptiQ performance optimization software allows to assure our customers that their investments are well taken care of throughout the project lifecycle.

Thank you, Sena! Looking forward to more wind energy in Turkey!