ReNew Power connects 1GW of solar capacity to SynaptiQ


3E has successfully entered the Indian market and secured an important place for its inhouse developed asset management platform SynaptiQ. After having connected the rooftop portfolio of ReNew Power, the largest Independent Power Producer within the Indian renewable energy market, SynaptiQ is now steadily being connected to Renew Power’s utility-scale solar portfolio.

Between January and July 2019 an impressive 1GW of solar capacity has been connected to SynaptiQ, encompassing 21 plants throughout the Indian mainland. The operational management of ReNew Power’s assets takes its roots in a fundamental acknowledgement of the software capabilities and 3E’s commitment to optimize the performance of the assets and secure a leading position on the Indian renewable energy market.

Werner Coppye, CTO of 3E: “Utility-scale solar in India is different from utility-scale solar in Europe in size, O&M and reporting processes. By working intensively together with the ReNew team and its highly competent domain experts, we have managed to integrate the best-of-both-worlds in the digitalisation of ReNew’s software platform”.

ReNew Power develops, builds, owns and operates utility-scale wind and solar energy projects as well as distributed solar energy projects that generate energy for commercial and industrial customers. Today ReNew operates more than 100 utility-scale projects spread across 8 states in India, generating 1% of India’s total electricity. ReNew Power has a strong track record of organic and inorganic growth and has nearly doubled its operational capacity in each of the last three fiscal years.