Renewable energy strategy for Botswana


3E, in team with ECA and DLR, is contracted by the WorldBank to develop a renewable energy strategy for Botswana. The assignment aims at unlocking the country’s potential and will provide a firm basis for the scaling-up of the deployment of renewable energy technologies in the country. Botswana needs to tap its extensive renewable potential to enhance the country’s future energy security and shift its power generation mix towards clean, sustainable energy. The declining costs of renewables provides an opportunity to achieve these objectives in a cost efficient way. The strategy will include recommendations on policy and the legal, institutional and regulatory architecture that will enable the envisaged scale-up. Preliminary measurements/quantification of the country’s renewable energy potential shall also be undertaken. As such a priority renewable energy investment program will be established.


Based on the resource mapping of RE with particular focus on solar energy, we will develop recommendations on policy and the legal, institutional and regulatory framework for renewable energy. Due to its significance in Botswana, this assignment places the greatest emphasis on the solar energy resource. An atlas of solar occurrence (“solar atlas”) will be developed, together with a long-term program for ground-level irradiation measurements that will be used to progressively update the solar atlas. For wind energy an initial mesoscale modelling assessment shall be undertaken based on the best satellite remote sensing and meteorological data available. For biomass, this task shall assess the resource potential of the country and evaluate how this can contribute to the national energy supply mix in the most sustainable manner.

Based on these recommendations and the renewable energy resource assessments, we will be able to develop a comprehensive roadmap for scaling-up the deployment of renewable energy technologies in Botswana as well as an investment program for the RE power sector. Recommendations on financing options, project security packaging and the procurement strategy for various sizes and types of projects shall also be provided.

During the entire project, our team will support the strengthening of the capacity of local institutions through training and hands-on work. 3E will operate the work from its Cape Town based office and reinforced therefore the presence of the team to expand activities.

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