Reporting is key


Always keep an eye open


Reporting is certainly a very important part of a good monitoring system. However it has to deal with the very different profiles and needs of the users: O&M companies, Asset Managers, Owners, Investors and Banks,… For instance the O&M wants very detailed view of the performances at the inverters or wind turbine level while the investors need more insights at PV plant and wind farm levels.

Also many players don’t only need to get the data from their monitoring system but also from other sources of data like financial or operational ones and to consolidate all in one system only.

To answer to these requirements, SynaptiQ has developed a reporting process which avoids storing and manipulating reporting data into large Excel files, which is a time-consuming and error sensitive process. Various standard reports at different object and time granularities have been developed and are available to our customers. These reports can be used and automatically updated by SynaptiQ at pre-defined periods or customized by our customers or our SynaptiQ team.

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