Road to Thailand



Thailand is embracing renewable energy with a recently announced goal to achieve a 30% share of renewable energy by 2036, which will equal a total installed renewable energy capacity of 19,635 MW combined, including hydro power. The country is aiming for 6,000 MW of installed solar PV capacity as part of that figure, according to a recent report by Germany’s German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and GIZ.

3E is supporting Thailand’s move towards increased renewable energy development through an extra focus on the Thai solar PV market. 3E understands how successful global power project deployments require an in-depth knowledge of modern power station engineering and design, as well as the local institutional, operational, regulatory and contractual frameworks surrounding any project.

3E therefore organised a workshop on 20/01/2016 dedicated to the mitigation of technical risks in Solar and Wind projects in Thailand. Case studies and recommendations were presented by 3E’s technical advisory team, based on their experience on more than 25 GW worldwide!

This year, we focused on Lender’s Technical Advisory. The presentations included best practices to avoid technical risks during financing and construction phases of solar and wind projects. Of course, we also focused on the Thai context.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to schedule a meeting with our technical experts in Thailand.