Shaping the quality of renewable energy systems in residential constructions



3E participated in developing technical specifications for renewable energy generation systems in residential constructions.

Ordered by the Belgian Federal Public Service, the technical specifications are reference documents that contribute specifically to the realization of constructions following state-of-the-art criteria. These reference documents, of a normative and / or informative character, are firstly intended for prescribers and designers, and directly or indirectly for the client, who, with the help of these specifications, can fix the methods of design and development, and prescribe in a neutral manner products and systems suitable for use.

The solar thermal and solar PV technical specification documents were realised by 3E and published in October 2018. These documents will contribute to enhance quality of small scale energy systems. It will help prescribers and developers to fix design and execution methodologies. Public authorities may also refer to those documents to set technical requirements. These technical specifications play an important role in the protection of the end users and ensure a high quality of execution.

The documents are available in pdf in French and Dutch.